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Purchase a Home

Imagine turning the key and entering into your new home.  How exciting is that?


Be a happy homeowner. Leave your worries, concerns, and fears at the curb.


When you work with Marc, you’ll have a team who will make sure your journey to home ownership is simple and enjoyable.

Give us a call today at 530.753.8800

Refinance your home

If you dread all the paperwork that you think comes with refinancing, we’ve got great news!

“Less paperwork and more individual service” means you enter an anxiety-free zone from application to closing.


Marc and his team will guide you through the process and make it worry free to lower your interest rate and monthly payment so you can save more on what it important to you.


Are you ready to get started?

Refinance Your home
Purchase a Home

Save Money

What you save today will have a significant impact on your peace of mind for the future.

Marc guides his clients to explore options to be able to save for retirement, save for a rainy day, and to pay for your kids' college.


Once you have a plan in place to save then it's time to meet one of Marc's trusted local financial advisor partners.  


Marc has developed a simple and clear process, works hard to educate you on all your options, and is available to answer every question you might have.

Save Money

Pay off your home loan faster

How exciting will it be when you finally pay off your home loan?

A feeling that you did it and accomplished what less that 30%  of Americans accomplish.  But is it right for you?

When you work with Marc he will ask you the hard questions to determine if this is right for you.  And when it is, he will assist you in creating a plan to make it happen.

Pay off Home
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